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Is car or truck donation the best option?

Most old cars are thrown away or sold for cash and that is fine! However, you may always choose to go for a car donation program. It is one of the best ways to get rid of the car and with some help from us here at JunkTheCarAmerica. It will also be one of the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the cars you no longer have any need of or use for. Simple as that, donate a car and be rid of the unnecessary junk in your garage.

Should you like the idea of car donation programs let us help you out! JunkTheCarAmerica has tons of experience helping people donate their cars to charity and we do this for free! When you donate a car with our help you barely have to do any work since we do the work for you and you do not part with a single cent either. We have the best car donation and donate truck programs in the USA and we make sure that all the parties involved walk away happy. Donate a car or truck with some help from us and we will make sure you walk way happy and satisfied at your good deed. Car donation is truly the way to go.

At JunkTheCarAmerica we make sure that all good deeds go rewarded and here is our piece of good news for you: tax deductions! We have teamed up with DonateMyVehicles.org to come up with a donate truck and donate a car program that ensures our customers get rebates for their donations. You might not get paid for the car or truck you donate but you will get a little reward at the end. So if you take on the donation process, you still get something for it.

With our car donation and donate truck process we accept all sorts of vehicles in any and all conditions. From foreign cars, trucks, and vans to domestic models of the same vehicles, we will take them out of your hands and make sure they find new, loving homes that will appreciate them just as you once did. And because we appreciate your move to donate a car or follow through with a donate truck action, we will even tow the vehicle from your place for free and we will handle all the paperwork so you can sit back and relax.
It is so much easier than writing a check!

Here at JunkTheCarAmerica.com, our team works hand in hand with the IRS registered 501C charity by the name of DonateMyVehicles.org so you know we are legit. When you donate a car through them the money goes to charity of your choosing and your donate truck and car endeavors are then rewarded with a feeling of fulfillment and a tax break from the IRS.  A car donation or a donate truck spree is easy to do when you work with us. We here at JunkTheCarAmerica will handle everything for you because we believe that for your good deed, you deserve nothing but the best service!

Whether you just want to clear up space in your driveway or garage or perhaps you have a car or truck that isn’t worth maintaining anymore, give us a call. We will make sure that we handle your donate truck or car donation with utmost professionalism so you and your favorite charity reap all the rewards.

What do I need to do?

Donating a truck or car is very easy especially if you come to us for help. Check out the steps that we require you to follow when you want to push through with your truck or car donation.

  • Just give us a call at the number 800 816 2788 so we can have a chat about your vehicle and hash out all the details or your donate truck or car action.
  • We will always follow up with you on  another call to finalize the details of the truck or car donation and collect any additional information to complete the donate truck or car process.
  • You can bring the car to us or we can arrange to have the vehicle towed to our facilities free of charge, of course.
  • You will receive a receipt on the day of the pickup that acknowledges your donate truck or car move. You will also receive a letter from us and the IRS to help you with your tax deduction.

Why proceed with a truck or car donation with JunkTheCarAmerican.com?

  • We work with DonateMyVehicles.org which is a company known for its dealings in vehicle donations.
  • We make the process unbelievably easy for you. Just call 800 816 2788 to get started.
  • We recycle either the whole car or parts of it and we make sure to do so in an environmentally friendly manner.