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Selling a car or a truck to Junk The Car America may just be the easiest thing that you’ll ever do. Unlike other car buying companies in the US,  Junk The Car America always put the needs and the satisfaction of our customers first. It is not just about profit for us but more of how the customer is treated throughout the process and how they feel after.

Junk the Car America we has a long history of buying any wrecked car or damaged truck that our customers bring to us, and we are proud to say that we have just gotten better year after year. We offer you one of the very best and most efficient methods of vehicle buying or disposal. Unlike any other junk car removal company out there, you do not need to do any work and you most certainly do not have to spend a dime! Our car buying methods were developed with the customer’s needs in mind and here at Junk The Car America, customer satisfaction always comes first.

  1. Call 800-922-2177 and describe the vehicle OR clicking on "get a quote"
  2. Tell us about your car's mileage and condition
  3. Receive a quote on the value of the vehicle
  4. Like our quote for your vehicle, then we will pay and pick it up on the same day!

If you have a wrecked car or damaged truck that you want to get rid of, we are the junk car removal service company for the job. All it takes is four easy steps for us to complete our deal and put cash in your hands.

Call us or fill out the online form

We have devised two ways for our customers to get in touch with us if they have a junk car or  truck to sell. One is to go to our site and fill up a form about details of their wrecked truck or damaged car and the other is to give us a call at 800-922-2177 where an agent will be on the other end ready to ask necessary questions to come up with a quote.

Agree to the quote and come up with a scheduled pickup time As soon as we have the details of your damaged car or wrecked truck, we make use of tried and tested methods to make sure we come up with the best and fairest rates for the vehicles. We always remain transparent in our methods so we are confident that the rates we give for every damaged car and wrecked truck that is brought to us is the best around.

Agree to the quote we give for your damaged car and wrecked truck as we will set up a pick up date. We try to work as quickly as possible to avoid wasting time so pickups are done quickly.

Tips to sell the car for cash The agent will come over to the pick-up point and take the car while leaving you with the money amount agreed upon.
Easy, simple, and convenient. That is the Junk The Car America brand of excellence that all of our customers enjoy. Visit our website at www.JunkTheCarAmerica.com or give us a call at 800-922-2177 to get a taste of excellent and hassle-free service from the biggest junk car removal company in the USA.